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Ceramic floor tile installation is a great way to get a long-lasting beautiful floor. There are several tricks to getting a great looking floor tile job though.

Really getting off to the right start is key to a good looking floor. Get started right and you'll be pleased with the results.

The right start begins with the base over which you install the tile. You see tile can be installed over all kinds of materials. You can put tile over plywood, concrete, vinyl flooring or even over other ceramic tile.

But the one must is that the surface must be stable. It can't be flexible and it can't bend. That's because the tile home flooring will crack if the underlying layers moves. Often the first step in a professional tile installation is installation of a layer of cement board. That often guarantees a rigid surface.

That solid base is part of the planning of a tile project. Planning and design of a tile project is a big part of a successful installation. Before that first tile is laid, check the squareness of the room.

Have you ever seen a perfectly square room? You want to work from the best corner and plan to put he cut tiles in the least visible spot. Plan for where the cuts will be to get the best results.

Once you get started, the goal is to keep the tile spacing as even as possible. Tile spacers in the right width are the best tell to get this done. Also a simple carpenter square helps to keep a close check to maintain alignment.

Often nailing down some straight guide boards, batten boards, is another helpful move Especially for the first row of tiles, a guide board can help get you off to the right start.

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